due diligence 
and deepen insights

Eliminate manual work and evaluate more deals with Capsa AI, the AI operating system for private equity professionals.

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Acceleratedue diligence and deepen insights

Aggregate information, structure data, get answers

Our platform retrieves data from both external and internal sources, structures it automatically, and provides intelligent answers to your due diligence queries. Capsa AI empowers your team to automate your processes by developing AI-powered workflows.

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Aggregate information, structure data, get answers

AUM by funds using Capsa AI

Our platform is trusted by private equity funds worldwide, including customers in the UK, Europe, and the US.

Due diligence time saved

Customers using our AI for to support their due diligence process report an average time saving of 20%.

Customer satisfaction score

Users of our platform report an outstanding average satisfaction score of 90%.


Designed for PE professionals by PE professionals.

We understand the nuances involved in private equity workflows. By leveraging our in-house expertise and working closely with our industry partners, we have developed a product that is tailored to your needs.

Aggregate your data

Seamlessly integrate data from varied sources and securely upload confidential deal information. Each client is provided with a dedicated, secure environment for their data.

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Structure your data

Transform unstructured data into structured insights. Effortlessly find, combine, and export data across documents. Create dynamic company profiles, comps, and scorecards.

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Answer your questions

Ask our AI chat assistant questions and receive responses with cited answers.

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Automate your workflows

Automate your processes by building AI-powered workflows.

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Supporting your deals from start to finish

Capsa AI is designed to support every stage of your deal-making journey, enhancing both efficiency and insight.

Due diligence analysis

Financial data extraction and cleaning

Comparable company analysis

Legal contract

Company profile

Expert call notes cleaning and summarisation

Automatic investment criteria evaluation


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Does Capsa AI ensure data exclusivity?

Does Capsa AI train AI models with my data?

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Loved by our clients

“The display of page references for each response provided helped me verify Capsa AI’s responses.”

Associate at
Mid-Cap Private Equity Firm

“Capsa AI’s web-based search capabilities significantly accelerated our pre-LOI work.”

Associate at
Mid-Cap Private Equity Firm

“Capsa AI has enabled me to swiftly extract key information from various data sources.”

Principal at
Lower Mid-Cap Private Equity Firm

“Last week's expert call summaries provided by Capsa were more concise and factual than general AI models, clearly outlining key points.”

Senior Associate at
Small-Cap Private Equity Firm

“Capsa AI seems to have a broad understanding of financial concepts, which is helpful when asking for financial analyses.”

Vice President at
Mid-Cap Private Equity Firm

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